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Barbara D. Kovach
Barbara was born September 6, 1919
Barbara died May 10, 2013

We scattered Barbara's ashes at the Lockwood family plot on September 6, 2013, which would have been Barbara's 94th birthday. See the addendum to this page.

Something new: a few of Barbara's sketches. Start here

BDK 1968
Photograph taken in the early 1980s


At left: taken around 1952.   At right: taken around 2009 with Pamela Jane Riviere's pet possum.

Early 50s with her three Ruthman kids: Steven, Rex and Carla.

In shorts, Rex; sister Diana with her sons Bruce and Geoffrey Wells; Barbara and our son Alexander. Taken at Diana's Sonoma house probably in the early '80s.

Barbara is the eldest of four Degenhardt sisters, two of her sisters are still living, Rozi at age 95 and Diana in her early nineties.
See them over the span of their lives.