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Over the past several years I have developed a number of sites for local (West Marin) non-profits on a pro-bono basis. Originally I had no background in web development and have undertaken these tasks partly in order to get some OJT.

The first one I did was for West Marin Senior Services. Since I had no tools at the time, this was a strictly manual creation, hand coded HTML and it looked it. The most difficult task I accomplished was creating a registration facility for their annual Holstein Hundred Bike Ride. This required a database of registrants and connection facilities for collecting credit card payments via a major credit card processing outfit. That website has since been replaced by a much more modern (and conventional) one done by Peter Higbee. The ride registration is now handled by a service, I recently converted their donation collection from PayPal which Peter had chosen, mainly because it is so simple to implement, to See:

The site I did when Doctor Molly Bourne gave up her practice was, without a doubt, the most dramatic I've done with the most important consequences. There was a great deal of distress, both emotional and practical, in the West Marin communities and the site provided a place to congregate, commiserate and find information: See the Backstory for the unfolding drama, including videos. At Molly's request this site is now closed with redirection to Molly's blog page for Hospice by the Bay where she is now the Chief Medical Director.

The most useful one is the site for the Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund. The dual purpose was to relieve the administrator of the burden of getting grant applications in the hands of applicants and providing them with all the information they need to properly apply. It is by far the busiest site I've created:

A couple of years later the SBCF site led to my creating a much more substantial one for the newly formed West Marin Health Coalition:

There are two sites for friends, Dr. Mike Whitt and home care case manager Rhea Mc Isaac, who provide me with their services: and

By far the largest, most complex site I have done is the one for the Whitecaps, a social group serving Bolinas and Stinson Beach. It has a member data base, photo gallery and videos for the organization and for its exercise program, a dynamic calendar and significant information pages:

Besides this site I have done others for personal reasons One is a memorial for Russ Riviere, recently updated: . Another was to help Gerry Coles promote his Bolinas Lagoon Path idea; this was done using one of those hosting service tinker-toy kits and was an awful pain to work with

Presently (July, 2014) I am creating two new sites in conformance with "responsive web design" principles employing the Foundation 5 front end framework. The first is for a new organization in the formative stages to rescue the Surfers Overlook from collapsing into the sea: The second is for another new group in Stinson Beach which will conduct a documentary film festival in early November: Soon, I will redo the West Marin Medical Center's site also following RWD principles.

And, of course, do not fail to read my blog, Good Stories