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Barbara's Ashes

On a number of occasions as Barbara's health slowly declined over the last seven years she asked me to promise to spread some of her ashes in the Lockwood family plot in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Tarrytown, N.Y. After her death I was determined to keep my promise.

On Thursday, September 5, 2013 our son Alexander and I flew to the Westchester airport in White Plains. Barbara's second son, Rex, and his wife Elisabeth met us when we landed after ten at night and took us to our hotel. At eleven the next morning they took us to the cemetery where we were joined by their sons, Alexander and Morgan, with their wives Lorayne and Dana.

Ten years earlier, on May 1, 2003, our late friend Charles Ahlers drove us from his Manhattan home to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to visit the Lockwood plot. In the pictures below I recapitulate the one of Barbara from that day.

barbara at entry         r

after pour
After spreading some of Barbara's ashes - an emotional moment

rex reads
Rex read a beautiful monologue to his mother that he wrote for the occasion.
The framed picture of Barbara is the glorious one at the start of the page before this.

rex pours         alex pours
Rex and Alex also spread some of Babara's ashes.

three males
Roger with Barbara's sons Alex and Rex
The bouquet of California flowers was provided by Elisabeth.

whole gang
Lorayne, Alexander, Dana, Morgan, Roger, Alexander and Rex. Elisabeth was behind the camera.

wtl stone   mary vstone   emily
Barbara's great grandparents, William Tompkins Lockwood and Mary Vanderbilt Lockwood; her grandmother Emily Crocker Lockwood Degenhardt Chanute whose life and personality had some surprising similarities to Barbara's.