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Where our house is situated

Our Locale

aerial of hillsideaerial detail of house

This photograph was taken from an airplane by Dave Duffin about 20 years ago. Our house is the bright white roof center top and below to the left is our guest cottage. That's the Pacific Ocean, Bolinas Bay, in the lower left corner. You can see Hillside Avenue snaking up the hill starting across Terrace at the white roof, center, extreme left. The dirt road just above our house running to the right is Rafael and the dirt road running to the left is Marin Way. Not much has changed over the years except for the removal of a number of trees: the giant one across the dirt roads behind us, the row of cypresses along Rafael and the plum tree in front of the guest house among them. The Google satellite image, although from a different angle, shows the present scene. Note the family car in our parking area to the right of the flag. This time the ocean is in the lower right corner.