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The four Degenhardt sisters from childhood to old age

The Four Degenhardt Sisters

In descending age order: Barbara, Rosamond, Paula and Diana in Texas (?), Colorado (?)

My favorite picture of the four girls because their lifelong personalities are clearly shown on their faces: Diana with a pugnacious jut of the jaw, Rozie off in some dream world, Barbara the commander and Paula looking vaguely injured

In age order, Diana, Paula, Rozie, and Barbara in front of Vassar College

Hope Hawley Degenhardt with her daughters: Paula, Diana, Barbara and Rozie

At our San Francisco flat, early 1960s: Rozie, Diana, Paula, Barbara

Age ascending order, Diana, Paula, Rozie, Barbara at our 196 Larch Road house, Bolinas, (ca 1970)

On the deck at 196 Larch - same day.